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interactive matrix describing relationships between human needs and safety

Comments & Testimonials

July 13, 2020 - This is timely and deserves attention not only from the relatively small community of mental health practitioners and academicians that can be expected to be professionally interested, but by all people who feel adrift in the extremes of physical isolation due to Covid-19 and threatened by the acceleration of longstanding inequities in meeting basic human needs that have led to worldwide unrest.


The ideas in this article provide an alternate explanation for the disastrous effects we are seeing now. The explanation is not based on political ideology, but on basic facts about human beings and how their development can be affected by cultural values, e.g., competition versus cooperation. Rewarding cooperation and collaboration to achieve equity in the distribution of opportunities and resources to all members of society is not just good politics. It is essential for the health and survival of the culture as a whole.

Linda Logan, MPAff, Consultant

March 29, 2021

The Matrix of Needs provides great information, and is ready for application in human service programs.  The information provided is easily understandable and well researched.  The website and the author’s supporting publications have done a wonderful job of pulling together concepts from the literature and from multiple disciplines in a transdisciplinary format.


Michael R. Privitera, MD, MS

Professor of Psychiatry

Medical Director, Medical Faculty and Clinician Wellness Program

University of Rochester Medical Center

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